Here some pics from the incredible and amazing new show from Jillina Carlano.

I don’t have words for to describe all the emotions and special moments i lived on this new experience.

The new show is full of shining, colours, laughter, love…and more more hard work..that when you put this cokteil on the stage it’s a big bang of enjoy.

What i say from Jillina…..loved the work, the amazing and close person, her power dance, the professionality…all….don’t stop of learning..every time is a new door of things for discover.

The new cast!!!!! loved paula, Ana, Niniel, Hayal, Nashyra, Talia, Selma, Nika, Satine, Jamilah….for sure Shalymar. I feel in love all the time, the good energy and the friendly.And Eglal as always keep in my heart.

Heather i admire your professionality and your dance, thanks for the fantastics moments with you.

And all the rest Sharon, Kaeshi, Ozzy….full of great and funny moments….for sure Rock the new breakers dancers Danielo and JDRainey…..Jump ..Jump…

Keep all in my heart.